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project_halen - Willow Rosenberg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Willow Rosenberg

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project_halen [Dec. 21st, 2004|03:53 am]
Willow Rosenberg
I left Oz to his own devices with the newcomer. He was protective, and I got taht, and the last thing he needed when greeting someone new was me complaining that I was mature enough to deal with stuff. That would make me look like even more of a puppy. Besides, hello, Mr. Alpha. And yeah, Maya, she'd probably be freaked out by two hyperactive puppies. I followed my nose back to the cabins, figuring they couldn't have gone too far, when I hear the sounds of them, snapping at each other, a sound of a regularly tumble going on. No puppy play, either. I know that I should just stay out of it and let them continue and finish properly, but... Maya.

I stepped over to the area where they were, and got my wolfy on - which is to say, I didn't give a hoot if I was giving off alpha female vibes. Legs spaced and grounded, arms folded, I looked at them when they noticed me. "So, how'd finding Maya go?" I asked, far too cheerfully for my stance.