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project_halen [Nov. 28th, 2004|06:43 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
Early morning, and I really don't know why I was awake. I didn't dream much either, which is unusual - I guess I was thinking too much, which happens a lot. This time, it wasn't bad-thoughts - Buffy and her boyfriend Riley were coming done. God, I haven't seen her in so long. I was nervous-excited, and I get less sleep when that happens. Wes and Giles were coming as well, which was a big yay - phones were great and all, email too, but... I have so much to thank them for.

Now, I really couldn't sleep. It was hard to when the sun was peeking through the curtains like it was. Kissing Oz's shoulder, I crawled out of bed and pulled on a dressing gown, and into the brightly lit kitchen, floor cold against my feet. Boiling water for tea and instant coffee, I stifled a yawn, and peered out the window at what seemed to be purely forest. It was nice, away from civilisation. Foresty. Then something caught my eye. "Huh," I said as the rather large spider sunbathed on the windowsill. "Time for you to go out, spidey." Grabbing a piece of paper, I shimmied it under the eight-legged monster and threw it out the window. "Go frolic," I added. Good times.
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Vamp Willow in wish_verse [Nov. 28th, 2004|12:23 am]
Willow Rosenberg
The fledgling vampire girly was gone now. But I had used her to her potential and damn, did I feel good or what? I had ridden Xander long and hard and had my very own kitten vampy girl to play with for a while. But she was gone, I had sent her away and let myself just lie on the bed, near purring, all afterglow-y, watching the patterns on the ceiling and counting them absently. There was a time where I dropped off, just lying there and dozing, but when I woke up, I was so very hungry. Getting off the mattress, I padded over to my clothes and put them on, wondering where the best place would be to get a quick feed. Maybe I should have stayed with Xander, then we could have gone hunting - but did you see the legs on that girl? Hard to say no, ya know?

I wandered out of my room, running my fingers through my hair and scowling at a couple of the fledglings that got in my way.
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Oh so horny... eep... sunnydale_spell [Nov. 26th, 2004|06:34 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
I felt kinda... wired. I'd slept in way late and Tara had left, she must have been bored. I don't blame her. Sleeping Willow isn't really Exciting Willow. I had gotten dressed and skipped the coffee, I was already alert enough as it is. When you start 'mm'ing at the softness of your own blouse? Coffee can be very, very skipped. It was a short time after burhsing my hair did I make the mistake of looking out the window. I knew I was blushing, but... jeeze, Rabbits, all of them! Big, leggy, human... sweaty... grinding... Ohhhhkay.

I shut the curtains hurriedly, biting my bottom lip. No, bad urges, just wait for Tara to come home, it'll all be good then, sexual tension totally out the window. Wee, byebye sexual tension. I needed to do something, take my mind off it. Licking my lips which were way to dry, I found myself cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning. The shelves were dustless, the toilet spotless, bed made, books sorted, dishes done, laundry loaded. All without magic. Is this why housewives cleaned all the time? Because they weren't getting any? The difference being that whilst they didn't get any for days, mine was just hours, how bizarre. But I could overcome it, I could. Nothing Willow can't do, right? I just, ya know, needed to take a walk.

So, I set outside, locking the door and trying desperately to ignore the-the-the, um, activities of... everyone. If I hadn't been so dry throated, I probably would have told the couple on the pavement how unhygenic it was to do that on the surface of choice. Instead, I stepped over them and went on my way, straightening my skirt and walking... wow, I had no idea where I was going.
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Vampire Willow in wish_verse [Nov. 21st, 2004|03:18 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
So bored.

I missed Sunnydale. I grew up there. It was also my hunting ground. Not any more. Now that lil' Miss Slayer is there... here I am, following the lead to the nearest Big Bad. I feel weak for it, and I mourn The Master. The pruny bastard was protection, security, was leading the vampire world into a new era. All ruined because of some scrawny ass blonde girl. I hate her. Xander observed that she was hot, but she ruined everything. I wanted back in Sunnydale, but no. Not now, and somehow, I doubted if I'd ever be there again. It was just too fun - a town ruled by the powerful, humans all frightened and scampering after dark, like mice. Micey micey micey.

This vampire court? Not the one I'm used to. New rules, new dynamics. Out of place, out of mind. But, I guess, there are some plusses. Spike's powerful, dangerous, I wonder if he'd let me hurt him, only a little bit. And Drusilla, mmm. I want to go hunting with her. I'll ask her. Then we can fuck afterwards! Won't that just be fun?

But the worst thing is that my Puppy isn't around any more. No one I can play with, and hurt. My Angel whimpered like a puppy, you know? He was gorgeous when bruised and bleeding. But now the Slayer has my Puppy. I wonder if she can bark?

The whole warehouse isn't private. I think my room is more or less my place. I don't actually wanna go out tonight, I haven't seen Xander around for a few hours, and I want someone to go hunting with. So I went up to the top level, stood at the window, liking to watch the night sky. I need some new clothes - maybe I steal some off a victim. Maybe I should go find Xander. Maybe I should find Drusilla. Would Spike want to play? Maybe Cordelia, too, I hadn't tested her out too much.

((Tag: anyone, maybe Spike or Cordelia.))
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Example for Wish_Verse [Nov. 19th, 2004|11:44 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
I don't miss things. Sometimes, in dreams, I think I do. I remember the taste of an apple, or the feel of sunshine, or bushing my hair and looking at my reflection whilst doing so. But that isn't me anymore. That was wimpy-Willow. I'm powerful. Without apples, sunlight or mirrors, I am powerful. I can feel the energy all through me, and even though my blood doesn't run like it should, I can feel the ghost of it through my viens. Power, yeah, that's what it is.

Daylight is so... dreary. Locks us up, keeps us from being what we are. We feel tired, or lazy, or frustrated. But at night? At night I get to dance. And I get to kill. I really, really like it when they scream. This town is ours, all ours. Xander and I have oh so much fun. I looked at a photograph of us, back then, you know, when we weren't vamps. I lost it, I think, but I doubted myself then. That was in the early days. Those days are over now.

"Here kitty kitty kitty." She was so frightened. Her fear is like copper, like blood. Mine, all mine. Made me giggle. The night air was so cool, so is my skin, but she's warm. That's all I think about. She's running while I just stroll around. I hurt her, I think, because there was an edge of panic to her fear, like rust on a dagger. A brief game of cat and mouse followed, she made me run, that bitch. My hair was brushed all nice before, so I'd have to do it all over again. I caught her by her own hair, told her so, told her what she would make me do. And then I ripped her throat out.

"You're so gorgeous," he said, and I dropped her, fangs feeling too big for my mouth, makeup smeared with blood. He lit a cigarette, smiled at me. "So sexy, baby."

"Mmhm. I shoulda saved some for you, I didn't know you were watching."

"I'm always watching." My Xander gestured me forward and I came, into his arms and he ravished my mouth like we'd done so many times before. The bodies of 18-year-olds, with eternity in front of us. Ain't unlife grand?
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