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smut_me_up [Apr. 26th, 2005|11:21 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
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This was probably my fifth time at the Hyperion. No, wait... sixth, if you wanna count the quick errand I pulled the first time, grabbing a few books we didn't have and zipping back down to Sunnydale. I had talked with none other than Wesley Wyndam-Pryce a few times on the phone - real nice conversations. He was a good guy, and changed as much as Cordy had since they left our humble town.

So, I went up there again, mainly to help out with stuff on the magick side. And... then again, just to visit. And it kept going. I liked Gunn lots, he was pretty cool, and Angel was quiet to me - probably still guilting about the fish, maybe. Cordelia was a cross between irritation and fun - she was nice on good days.

I guess I talk to Wesley way more than the others. We have lots in common. I went to his apartment, once, and we got teased mercilessly about it from Gunn and Cordy. It's habit, now, driving to L.A. Takes a few hours out of my Saturdays, but hey, the Scoobies are fine without me and I like it at the hotel. I help them out, sometimes, if they need an extra pair of eyes for research.

Currently, we were researching. Well, it was me, Cordy and Wes - Cordelia had a vision and was now sitting in her chair with an icepack to her temple, looking annoyed. Gunn and Angel went out to have a look around so Wes and I scoured the books, piles of the things we had taken out of his little cranny where Wes keeps them all. But it was in vain, because Gunn called on Wes's cell - they got the demon before we could look it up. Turns out a simple stab to the chest was enough.

"Okay, so, we may as well put all these away," I said, standing and gathering a few books in my arms, Wesley doing the same, us reaching for the same book, hands bumping awkwardly and us glancing all shy like. I could almost hear Cordelia roll her eyes at us. Okay, I had a thing for Wes - a big one, and Cordelia had teased me about it before. Hard not to flirt with the guy when we talked so much and his hands were warm and oh jeeze, Rosenberg, enough of that. I rolled my eyes at myself, and skirted around the table and Wesley to go put the books away. I could hear Cordelia and Wesley bickering behind me as he followed me, Cordelia following too for some reason.

"Hey, Cordy, you should lie down, we'll clean up," I said helpfully, and she gave me a Look. Now, hey, it wasn't because I wanted to spend time alone with Wes, it was because she had a headache and I was being nice! I shouldn't argue, I'll lose either way. I sighed and started downstairs into the basement.

[User Picture]From: sethsangel
2005-05-15 03:02 am (UTC)

hey hey

I came across you're journal and I was wondering if you rped through Instant Messenger? If you could get back to me that would be awesome <3
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