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nancytribe [Apr. 16th, 2005|02:23 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
Maybe I should have called Tara before coming back. But it was sort of a snap decision, you know? As in, I snapped. Hiding in the USA and avoiding calling her again, scared that out next conversation would be her telling me that we were over, that she couldn't take this anymore... The thing is? I wouldn't blame her. I'd have to step back and let her just... go. The horrible premonition that this would happen kept recurring in my daydreams, so... I was being avoidance girl.

Up to the point that I was back in the UK with a suitcase next to me and I had told no onme about it, let alone Tara. I'd call a taxi. Yeah. Or I could just call Tara. Gods. Dragging my suitcase over to the pay phone, I put in some coinage and my finger hovered over the numbers. Just call her. Just call her. Let her come and pick you up and you can put all the pieces back together. Or... call a taxi.

It was a few seconds later that I had dialled, listening to the ring on the other end. Hopefully she'd pick up.