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hells_revenge [Mar. 16th, 2005|11:05 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
I opened a packet of peanuts, and peered into it. Yup. Peanuts alright. Gee, this was a real boring flight. I guess, maybe, I'm starting to get used to them. I leant back into my chair, glanced at Giles. He looked asleep, lucky guy. I turned my attention back to the peanut packet and took out one to eat. I was nervous, and I couldn't sleep. Something big and magicky was happening and I was stuck on this stupid plane trying to get there. Maybe I should have just magicked me there. Okay, no, that was bad, seeing as I'd have been appearing back in the U.S. and if anyone knew anything about magick and basic science, they'd know I'd probably land in L.A. in the form of a puddle. So. Planes it was.

I didn't know much about what was happening over there. Just that the energy was driving me nuts, and I knew it was to do with Wolfram and Hart. Angel. Big apocolypse. Yaddayadda. Raise your hand if you've seen it all before.

I glanced at my watch - not long until the flight landed. Just because, I nudged Giles, and smiled as he woke up. "We're landing soon," I said nice and brightly.

[User Picture]From: _r_giles_
2005-03-16 12:03 pm (UTC)
"Mpfr what?" I blinked my eyes open and glanced at Willow. And why is that girl always so bloody cheerful? "I wasn't sleeping." Rubbing a hand over my face, I sit up straighter and push my glasses back on my nose. A quick check of time reveals it's almost time to land.

Time to find out what Angel and his people have been up to now. Even I can feel that something very bad is going on there. Perhaps I'd been wrong to turn them away when they asked for help, but they had teamed up with Wolfram and Hart of all places. What did they expect me to do? We can only hope that Willow and I don't land there to find out we're going to have to fight Angel and his people.

The warning lights blink on and the pilot announces we're nearing LAX. Sighing, I buckle up my seatbelt and try not to think the wost. Perhaps Angel is still fighting the good fight, perhaps all this working within that firm was a ruse somehow. And maybe he didn't turn into Angelus. odd, but just thinking about that vampire makes my hands ache.
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