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Heavy, Black and Pendulous flowers_n_cages - Willow Rosenberg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Willow Rosenberg

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Heavy, Black and Pendulous flowers_n_cages [Dec. 15th, 2004|11:18 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
The sky was heavy with clouds, as if they'd burst any moment and just start with the monsoon. But no, they just hung there, 'heavy, black and pendulous' as described in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 'Heavy, black and pendulous' never sounded like a good physical description of clouds - definitely a good description of something else. Okay, not going there.

Pulling my jacket tighter around me, I tried not to shiver as a slight but chilly breeze made the back of my neck tingle, and I considered letting down my ponytail just so that my hair could keep me warm. The gardens were mostly empty as I walked through them. These days, my world's been slow, and weird, and eerie. The witches, the coven, they're good. They're helping. And Giles as a mentor, he helped too. Always helping. Poor junkie Willow, yup, that's me. One of the women, out of the coven, she had given me a packet of cigarettes. Said it helped when you were lying awake in bed at night because the world was humming too much. I hadn't opened it. Maybe Giles would want it, I think he used to smoke.

Giles. Meeting me here, about this time. Getting to the spot where I was meant to meet him, I waited patiently, just sorta staring at the grass. So green. And damp. If you press your hands against it, you can feel right down to its roots, into the dirt, further than that, no, not the core of the Earth, but the web of energy that strings through all things. Every, connected, humming and whispering. Makes me crazy, but its gotten better. Slowly. Gradually. I almost jumped when I heard footsteps coming towards me. Spinning around, I see Giles approaching me, and I pretend not to look startled. "Heya," I said, pushing a lock of hair behind an ear, before pocketing my hands.