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watchercraft [Dec. 4th, 2004|01:53 am]
Willow Rosenberg
I dialled. I mostly expected Cordelia to pick up. I hoped she would, anyway - talking to girls was always easier than boys. Which was very immature, but true. Either way, we didn't have a book. A book we needed. And somehow I was appointed 'call L.A.' gal. Xander said he had to go to work (lame excuse), and Giles said he was terribly busy with the research, even though we needed the book apparently Wesley had. So me and Buffy did paper scissors rock. Do Slayer powers include the ability to win that? She got paper when I got rock, and in two out of the three she had scissors when I had paper and again with the rock and paper combo.

At least, if Cordelia picked up, I could chat for a while. It's not like we're just the best of buddies, but I like shoes these days. And, ya know, the whole working with the supernatural is always a bright and shiny topic that gets talked about a lot. And besides, Cordelia could get the book from Wesley for me, seeing as she kinda knew him better and all. I didn't wanna just start stealing his volumes. Oh, but what if Angel picked up? Okay, I could talk to him, I guess, and then he could get me the book we needed and Wesley had. Of course, Wesley could just pick up, then I'd have to flat out ask him without being able to just get someone else to do so for me.

So, sitting on my bed in my dorm, crossed legged, I listened to think ringtone at Angel Investigations, picking at a loose thread on my pants. What was the damn book about anyway? Giles just said it was called 'Mazuki', and it was the key to a current demon we were looking for. And that Wesley had it.

Boy, could someone pick up now, please?