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__undermyskin [Nov. 29th, 2004|01:37 pm]
Willow Rosenberg
I think I know why I'm never gonna be mom (besides the obvious). If kids were anything like the potentials, I'd have no hair left by the end of the day. They're like a pack of dogs, milling around and getting in the way and being loud and leaving a mess and... I'm trying to be patient. There is a breaking point, though, when you have to wait to use the bathroom again and you can barely walk through the living room and you're trying to be super nice. It's enough to make my... my fingernails itch. Or something. Either way, sanity is something I'm not getting much of... for the last seven years. A girl can go crazy.

Leaving the kitchen, where breakfast was some sort of swarm of teenage girls eating as if they'd never get food again, I went to find my solitude, and stopped at the door of the basement. Having managed to snag a piece of toast, I nibbled on the corner of it. I wasn't hiding exactly, just, ya know... staying out the way and out of sight and hoping no one needed me for anything. Leaning against the closed door, I tried to think of what had to be done today - a heck load of laundry for starters, which I'd get Andrew to help me with. I groaned. Saving the world was one thing. House work was something else entirely.

Then I paid attention to noises coming from the basement. Sounded like Buffy when she was training when angry. Wondering if it was, I opened the door quietly, peeking in. Oh, Faith, killing the punching bag. Wow. I remember how she was the first time around when she was here and all... scary. Just moving with the same grace that Buffy has, with her own... toughness. Beautiful in that way. Definitely someone you want on your side. Powerful and I should really have stopped watching by now. But maybe she didn't mind the company? Down here was certainly a lot better than out there. Taking a bite out of my breakfast, I stepped in and stood on the first step, not really wanting to disturb her, but really not wanting to catch her off guard.